Handi-Rifle Handi-Facts

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Harrington & Richardson Contact Information

Phone: Toll Free (866)-776-9292
Website: http://www.hr1871.com
Accessory Barrel list: http://www.hr1871.com/Support/accessoryProgram.asp

Canadian Service at:

Colburg, Ontario
Phone: (905)-797-2700

Ultimate Accuracy
St. Andrews, Manitoba
Phone: (204)-785-2609

Canadian online firearms available at Wholesale Sports:
http://www.wholesalesports.com/onlinest ... gory=10100

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Model Year Serial Number List: (First Letter Starting)
Example: A123456= 1940 Model

A -1940....... G -1946....... M -1952....... U -1958

B -1941....... H -1947....... N -1953....... V -1959

C -1942....... I -1948....... P -1854....... W -1960

D -1943....... J -1949....... R -1955........ X -1961

E -1944....... K -1950....... S -1956........ Y -1962

F -1945....... L -1951....... T -1957........ Z -1963

AA -1964....... AH -1971....... AS -1978....... AZBB -1985

AB -1965....... AJ -1971....... AT -1979....... BABC -1986

AC -1966....... AL -1973....... AU -1980

AD -1967....... AM -1974....... AVAX -1981

AE -1968....... AN -1975....... AWAY -1982

AF -1969....... AP -1976....... AXAZ -1983

AG 1970....... AR 1977....... AYBA 1984

AH 1971 - Has a Snap-On Forend
AP 1976 - First Transfer Bar design was implemented on the Model 155
AS 1978 - Transfer Bars added to all Models
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Serial Numbers Starting with “N” or “H” and second letter:
Example: NW123456 = 2006 Model or HW123456 = 2006 Model

A -1986....... G -1992....... M -1998....... U -2004

B -1987....... H -1993....... N -1999....... V -2005

C -1988....... I -1994....... P -2000....... W -2006

D -1989....... J -1995....... R -2001....... X -2007

E -1990....... K -1996....... S -2002....... Y -2008

F -1991....... L -1997....... T -2003

In May of 2008, Serial Number Prefixes were changed.
CBA is used on SB2 receivers and CAC is used on SB1 receivers.
To obtain a model year of manufacture, you must call and ask: (866)776-9292

SB2 Receivers can be fitted with any barrel in any caliber or gauge offered.
-Exception: Some owners choose to use reamers to make barrels into different calibers.
SB1 Receivers can only be fitted with Shotgun Gauge Barrels
SBS Factory Scoped Combo Handi and Pistol Caliber Barrels (This is a newer implementation)
Rimfire calibers are fitted on their own receiver and only rimfire caliber barrels can be fitted to those receivers.

~Model A -1986 receivers: H&R will only put the original caliber/bore barrel (as the firearm was built with) on this model year receiver. The exception to this is that they will also install .357 Mag, ..44 Mag and Shotgun Gauge Barrels on these receivers.
~The first letter N = NEF, H = H&R, the second letter denotes year of manufacture.
~Ilion Factory made barrels will have, the last 4 digits of the frame serial number, engraved on the left side of the barrel underlug. While earlier barrels made in the Gardner Factory will have just the last three engraved on the barrel underlug.

Barrel Accessory Program: http://www.hr1871.com/Support/accessoryProgram.asp

Handi-Manual: http://www.hr1871.com/documents/manuals ... MANUAL.pdf

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Handi-Facts Continued:

Stocks and Forends on all modern H&R or New England Firearm single shots are interchangable.
Exception: The forends on 10ga Shotguns and Heavy Slug Barrels are not interchangable but among themselves.

Forend Screws:

Current Production Wood and Old Style Synthetic ~ ¼"-20x½" flathead machine screw
Checkered Synthetic ~ ¼"-20x¾"

Both are commonly available at hardware stores like ACE and True Value. Check out the Stainless section as well!

Early H&R barrels use a ¼"-28x½" forend screw, which isn't normally stocked by hardware stores. You may have to order it online if you need it. A metric screw in 6-16 flathead is a close fit and will do in a pinch, but please remember this is at the users own risk.

Others Screws:

The hammer extension set screw is an 8-32 socket head that takes a 5/64" or 1/16" allen/hex wrench, depends on when the extension was made.

Butt Stock Bolt and Removal:

~The stock bolt is a standard 3/8"-24x 4" fine thread cap screw. This bolt is also commonly available at hardware stores.

~The Survivor and new style syn stock takes a 5" bolt which is an inch longer then the original. You can always buy the longer one first to play it "safe" and cut it down later.

~Laminated Thumb-hole stocks take a 2" button head socket bolt, available from H&R or bolt supply houses.

To remove the stock, remove the butt pad/plate to access the bolt holding the stock to the frame. The bolt has a 9/16"(14mm) hex head and you'll need a long extension for your ratchet to reach it.

Replacing the Stock:

When installing a stock, hold the stock firmly against the mating surface of the frame, then start the bolt by turning the socket extension by hand, it's real easy to cross thread the bolt if it's not aligned perfectly, once it's started and turns freely, use the ratchet or whatever handle you want. A little white grease on the bolt will also aid in installation/removal.

Make sure the hammer can be cocked after swapping/replacing a stock, some bolts without a washer may be too long (or stock bolt channels may be too short) and require at least one washer to provide sufficient hammer clearance within the action. Tighten the stock bolt to about 25-30ft/lbs.
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Good info, cleared up a lot of questions I had regarding comparability between models/years.
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Yea...Thanks Ric !!

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Good stuff. I like the Handi-Rifle and am looking at an Ultra Varmint in .223 as a possible purchase.

I wish the 24" barrel wasn't a 1:12" twist tho'..........

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I have several Handi-rifles. One that I bought right after the factory closed seems to have the stock bolt hole at a different angle. Stocks other than the one that came with it don't line up with the receiver correctly. Have others seen this problem? I presume that nothing can be done about it since the hole is drilled into the receiver.

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