Buffalo Classic... sorta

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I just found the forum and since I'm in love with my BC I had to join.

And here's a picture of my baby:
I had a H&R .223 receiver that needed a barrel so I sent it to H&R and had them fit the BC 32" .45-70 barrel to it. In this picture it has the original pallet wood stock (somewhat modified) and forend. I'm going to replace the black stock with with the walnut front piece and an unfinished walnut butt stock from http://www.gunstocksinc.com/web_pages/OddsnEnds-pictures/buffalo-classic-buttstock.html $30 + shipping, can't get it any cheaper.

I fitted a Williams FoolProof receiver sight and a Lyman front sight to it, a perfect combo, and I just got the .45-70 dies so I'm rolling my own now.

Here's the result of all my work:

The .45-70 is a blast to shoot, in more ways than one...

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Hi. I also have the H&R BC with the 32" barrel. I have the Williams FP-H&R-TK Receiver Peep Sight and a Lyman .404 Front peep sight and a Kick-Killer lace up recoil pad. Reloads will be Lee 459-550-3R (.443 Ballistic Coefficient) and 25-26gr of Accurate 5744. I haven't done any shooting for accuracy yet with any of my reloads but will post results when I do.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:48 pm
Welcome back to the H&R 1871 Owners Forum lonewolf !!

Looking forward to the results...

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Hi all. Finally took out my new Buffalo Classic and reloads for some range testing. First I made a mistake about my cast bullets. They were Lee 459-500-3R NOT 550. Anyway best 3 shot group at 25yds was almost one ragged hold about the size of a dime. I had my sights adjusted to shoot about 7-8" high at 25yds which if I calculated right should be just about dead on at 200yds. My reload was 25.2grs of 5744. Next range testing will be when I return home, make up some more reloads and go to a range in Berrysville Arkansas which has a 500yd range.
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Welcome from MI Andrew. Nice looking rifle.
PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2015 12:57 pm
Sounds like a blast...!!

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